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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Sneak Peek

I was talking with my friend, Beth, & she was saying how I haven't really posted any wedding information on my blog (ie. my ideas, decorations, etc. . .). This is true! Part of that is because I want a lot of the elements of the wedding to be a surprise. I am trying to do things differently than the average wedding.
I am also trying to be a little secretive.
So. . .I am giving in & giving you a little sneak peek! This is my creative project from last week. I have been contemplating what to do for pew decorations. I knew that I did NOT want bows or tulle or flowers. I searched the internet for ideas & there is nothing! Everything is bows, tulle or flowers. After much thought, here is what I came up with. . . A Meg Original!

I made 10 total. I used old wooden blocks & glued 3 together for everything to be mounted on. The blocks are the old kids kind with letters on them. I wrapped the blocks in a burlap. Each pew decoration says something with the 3 blocks like: VOW, 4VR, 726 (the wedding date), 118 (the day we were engaged), IDO, LUV, and a few have our initials & our monogram. I used sticks from IKEA & braided them together with ribbon. Then nailed the ribbon to the blocks. The other sticks are curly willow that are nailed on as well. I didn't use any hot glue! I always burn my fingers while using that & it ends up leaving glue strings everywhere.
Overall, I am very pleased with how they turned out. I must say. . .they look WAY better in person on the pews. :) Hope you can come to the wedding to see them in person.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Every Sunday after church we have family lunch (most times at Dad & Mom's, sometimes out to eat & sometimes at Lindsay & my place). Sometimes it's just the 4 of us (since Emily is in Charleston) & sometimes we have other people over. I look forward to going to Dad & Mom's every week. Family is the best!
Me & Mom

The new kitchen floor that was installed Wednesday.

Me & Lindsay

Funny thing happened yesterday afternoon. . .I was in my parents room with the Twins game on mute, while talking to Jake. My mom brought me a big cup of hot coffee. I went to set it on Dad's dresser & somehow knocked it over. It made a HUGE mess. All over their wood floor, the walls, some on their bedskirt, all over me, some went inside of Dad's drawers. After using lots of towels to clean up the mess, it ended up being funny. We just threw all my clothes & everything else in the washer. It was all dried in time for me to put back on & wear to church that night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A BIG Surprise!! My First Bridal Shower

Saturday night we had our FBCS varsity girls basketball party. We had the party at the Nystrom's. Mrs. Nystrom made TONS of good food. Then we watched the MACS championship girls game which we won back in February. After the game was over Mrs. Nystrom announced that we were going to do something else--a bridal shower! They totally surprised me.
(which Jess & the girls are VERY proud of)
Amanda, Me, Steph & Shelby (sophomore girls)
More of the girls (8 of the girls couldn't come)

SOOOO many gifts!
Me & Jess -- "Coach"
(as pronounced with a THICK Minnesotan accent)

Our Crate & Barrel Pitcher

Unwrapping. . .

I received many gifts.

Thanks girls, you were so generous! Thanks to Jess & Mrs. Nystrom for planning this party. Thanks Mrs. Nystrom for hosting it. I am going to miss you all next year, A LOT.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Iowa Visit

Jake & I drove to Davenport, Iowa on Wednesday. We went to visit Joe & Jamie Keller. We visited them over Christmas break as well. At that time, Joe was at On With Life (specializes in brain injury recovery) in Ankeny, IA. They have been home since January. It was so good to see them & to see Joe's improvement since the accident.

Getting ice cream at Whitey's.

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe

We went to the Niabi Zoo on Thursday morning ,with the school where Jamie teaches. Joe was feeding the goats.

Jake challenging the ostrich-emu thingy.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Twins Home Opener

Jake flew up here for his spring break. He is here for a week. Monday night we went to the Twins Home Opener.
It SNOWED all day on Monday.
Dad & Mom gave Jake this Mauer shirt in November.
Jake edited it prior to the Home Opener.