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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Before & After - Playroom Bathroom

This bathroom was gross - major understatement!  The house sat empty for at least a year & a half, possibly two years.  The house had been winterized. Many hours have been spent scrubbing this home.

BEFORE picture: (Jake took a ton of before pictures of the house, but then our laptop died.  Most of the before pictures are still stuck on the hard-drive.  We'll get them off someday!)

AFTER pictures - We used this as our main bathroom until we finished the Hall Bath.  For 3 months, Lily had to take a shower & Ella had her bath in the kitchen sink.  We ALL were very excited the first night we could use the bathtub!  We do have a third full bathroom in the back of the house.  However, that area does not have HVAC & we did not turn on the hot water heater.
This is also flooring that we ripped out from somewhere else in the house.  Jake then taped off the squares & painted them, using leftover paint from Lily's room at our old house.

We did end up keeping the drop ceiling in this bathroom.  We would have had to move the vent up into the attic & at that point, we had much bigger fish to fry.  Someday I am sure, Jake will decide to take out the drop ceiling.  In the meantime, Jake cut drywall pieces to fit in the ceiling & added recessed lighting.  We then painted the ceiling a lighter shade of gray (leftover from Ella's room).

 The shelving was already here when we purchased the house.

This wall is where the doorway was that went into the mudroom/pantry.  I am still looking for a lot of art for this home.

Paint Color - Valspar Wet Pavement 5006-2A

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