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Sunday, January 3, 2016

the holidays at our house

Since this blog is also our family photo album-journal-scrapbook, I can't just totally skip Christmas. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures Christmas day.  I know, that's horrible, but here's my justification (or excuse).  
Let's back up to Christmas Eve. Around 4 am that morning Lily came into our room saying her belly hurt, but then no complaints at all that morning (just minor irregularities, if you know what I mean).  After lunch, Lily started complaining her belly hurt really bad & then THE stomach bug hit. It wasn't pretty at all.  We had to stay home from our Christmas Eve service & cancel dinner plans with our dear sweet friends for after the service.  I was so bummed. The stomach bug was The Grinch this year.
Christmas morning we decided to take it slow. Thankfully the stomach bug vacated our home.  As it left I bleached the bathrooms right behind it.  We had a lovely day as a family reading the Christmas story, opening gifts and playing at the park since it was mid-70's. We decided to keep our Christmas evening plans and friends came over for dessert. Thankfully Becky snapped at least one picture of our little kids & their big kids!

Saturday morning we met friends for breakfast & then we all hit the beach.  YES, our kids wore swimsuits, swam & got soaked the day AFTER Christmas.  It was great!  

For New Year's we headed to Charlottesville, VA to visit our friend's the Otto's.  We had such a fun time.  Their 6 kids and our 4 kids played great! We enjoyed playing outside, feeding their chickens, walks with their new puppy, many fun meals around the table & we adults stayed up late talking every night.

 I am so thankful for this sweet friend. Our husbands even took the kids Saturday morning so Aili & I could have a coffee date.