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Sunday, April 21, 2013

chevron girls

I had just a few leftover scraps from Ella's baby quilt, that Grandma Flaming made.  This week I decided to put that chevron to good use & make the girls matching skirts.  I am THRILLED with how they turned out, especially since I didn't have a pattern!

 Ella scoots but doesn't crawl yet.  This is how she gets what she wants.....r-e-a-c-h.

 These TWO are such a blessing to our family.  We just LOVE them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

GREAT Grandpa & Grandma

We had a FUN weekend with Great Grandpa & Grandma.  They came to see us back at Thanksgiving-on their way to FL.  They decided to stop by again-on their way back to Iowa.  The house looks A LOT better now.  It was pretty much bottomed out in November.
 Lily & Great Grandma read books.

 Lily had a painting lesson from Great Grandma.

 Grandpa & Jake worked on a project - finishing the foundation under the dining room.

 We took an ice cream break at Lewis Farms.  Ella had her first ice cream.

 LOVE these four!

 Grandpa gave Ella MORE ice cream.  This girl was spoiled!

Ella was quite the pick-pocket for anything she could find in Great Grandpa's shirt pocket.

Friday, April 12, 2013

this week's project

Remember THIS?  I have been wanting to sand & distress this Thomasville buffet for years.  I just never took the time to unload it, muscle it outside & do it.  Well, the time had come!  The buffet is now up against the white wainscoting (which we LOVE) in our new home.  I needed to add a little color to the dining room.

Before -from way back when:

Buffet the past few years:

AFTER this week's project:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

spring break - we had FUN too

Lest anyone things we worked ALL of spring break, here is the proof that we had FUN too!

 Hanging out with Daddy is THE best!

Dinner at Flaming Amy's bowl - our favorite!
This was AFTER Jake's mowing accident.  Notice his swollen eye.

 Lily loves to play with her belly button so Jake caulked it.   Ha!

 We saw Carolina Beach & Britt's donuts on Friday night.

spring break = work on the house

We got A LOT done on this house this week!  Jake was on spring break & as I said in my previous post, Luke & Jess were here all week.  Emily also came up in the middle of the week to hang out & help.  Here's what we worked on:

The YARD - there was a chain-link fence area in part of the backyard.  It was the kennel for the previous owners.  Jake & Luke took it down & cleaned it out.

BEFORE - we couldn't even see that there was a dog house in there.  It was so overgrown.

AFTER - The girl's swings are up & you can see the backyard!

The AWNING is down!

 Next weekend these doors are coming OUT & windows are going in!

Caulking & painting - The wainscoting is finished in the dining room. We still have some more painting to finish.  Plus eventually the ceiling will have plank board on it.

And we only have ONE pile of tools & such left in the dining room.

The ISLAND - We wanted a butcher block look but nowhere in town sells it or its just too expensive.  We ended up using hard wood flooring & Jake put it all together.  It looks great!  Jake finished the sanding, then Jake, Luke, Jess & Lily helped distress it.  Then the stain went on & one coat of polyurethane (we still have 4 more coats to go).

The FRONT DOOR - a fresh coat of paint inside (black) & out (the grey from our shed).  Jake & Luke also finished trimming out the inside of the door.

ELECTRICAL - Jake is also our electrician.  Have I said recently how thankful I am for such a handy husband?  It is amazing!  Jake is switching out all the outlets & switches.  Some of the outlets are very old & are shorted out.

The pantry door is painted, (both sides) & up.  Jake & Luke also finished trimming it out.

The microwave shelf is up.  Jake built these shelves.  Eventually they will be covered in sheet metal.

Jake build Lily a stool for the bathroom.  Isn't it cute? Now she can wash her hands without standing on the toilet.  It's a little safer.

RIGHT NOW Jake is outside working on the pond.