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Thursday, November 29, 2012

nap time PINspiration

Yesterday during nap time I had a lot of go-get-em & some PINspiration.  I got a bunch of things crossed off my To Do List.  Here are a few of them:

A pom-pom garland for Lily's Christmas tree that she can decorate & redecorate.
Idea from HERE.

Felt wipes for Lily's babies.
Ok, so this only entailed cutting pieces of felt into rectangles to fit into her wipes container, BUT, my sewing/craft supplies are in Ella's room & I usually don't remember until Ella is already asleep.
Idea from HERE.

A JOY sign for outdoors.  This is in process.
I still need to do another coat of the red lettering & then sand & distress it.
Idea from HERE.

A holiday pallet sign for our dining room.
Idea from HERE.

Best part - all of these projects were FREE.
I used up supplies I already had laying around.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving week

We have had a lot of family come visit us this past week over Thanksgiving.  LOVED it! Anna flew in last Sunday (see previous post).  Then my Grandpa & Grandma arrived Tuesday night.  Emily drove up Wednesday afternoon.  Anna headed back Wednesday evening and the rest of our family just left this afternoon.  
My Grandparents came to visit us on there way to their winter home in Florida.  It was SO much fun having them at our home.  Grandma & Lily played dolls.

Grandpa & Jake worked on the new house.  They started off under the house in the crawlspace.  They moved around the plumbing & soldered some pipes. They came home filthy every day.

The toilet plumbing was in the hole in the bottom of the picture.  It is now moved into the former closet that we added to the bathroom.  See this post.

After they cleaned up, Grandpa & Ella snuggled on the couch.  I absolutely love how Ella is just staring up at Grandpa in this picture.

Grandpa & Jake also worked on door frames.

 Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma & the girls.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

deja vu

Jake put Ella up on his shoulders tonight & it reminded me of this....Thanksgiving 2010.

I gave Ella her first cereal last night. 

It reminded me of when I fed Lily her first cereal.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

aunt anna's visit

Aunt Anna flew in last Sunday evening.  We had a lot of fun having her here.  We picked seashells at the beach, went to Lily's dance class, visited Jake at school, went downtown & just hung out.  Anna stayed until Wednesday evening. Thanks for visiting us, Anna! Come again soon.

Anna & Lily at Port City Java

Group Hug

 Anna & the girls

Our 20 pound butterball!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

more demolition pics

Well...we think all the demolition phase of the house is done.  We're bottomed out - it can't look much worse.  Here are some pics:

Walled up the closet on the left to add that space to the main hall bath that we gutted.

Added former closet space to the main hall bath.  The door used to hit the toilet when you opened it.  This weeks project is moving the toilet plumbing.

We've been working on the kitchen.  Priming soffitting & cabinets.  I have been painting the cabinet doors at home during the girl's afternoon nap. We had originally wanted to gut the kitchen, but it is just too expensive.

This weekend Jake & a friend worked on taking out the half bath in the salon.  We are converting the salon into a master bedroom & bath suite.  The half bath was at the end of that wall.  He then took out the wall to the left to add a doorway into the master bath.  Jake also removed the salon hair washing sink & patched up the drywall.

Now it's time to start putting it all back together.
Please continue to pray that our current house will sell. It's been on the market for one month.