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Monday, April 22, 2019

spring break 2019

We just wrapped up a really fun spring break at home.  We had pretty amazing weather here the entire break too.  After school on Friday, we kicked off our spring break with a trip to Lewis Farm.  Here is some of the other fun we had!

Saturday was a rainy day, but in cleared up in the afternoon and we all went to the Arboretum. The kids love to feed the fish. The Arboretum was also having their annual plant sale. We loved the little fairy gardens that were tucked away all over the Arboretum. In fact, we are hoping to make one of our own fairy gardens soon!

Monday we hit the downtown library for ALL THE BOOKS to dive in to over break. We also stopped in to Daddy's work for some hugs & kisses.

Tuesday we had dentist appointments and then toured the Cape Fear Museum.  
We packed a picnic lunch and met Daddy at Pier 33.
After our picnic we hopped on for a free trolley ride. Kids love this!

Wednesday was a gorgeous day so we hit the beach for three hours! The only bummer was that we hadn't worn swimsuits. So far it's been too cold or windy plus the water is still cold, but Wednesday the kids swam and played in their clothes.  A good time was had by ALL.

Thursday morning Jake was off of work. We grabbed some Duck Donuts and hit the beach again for a couple of hours.

We wore our swimsuits this time!

It should go without saying, but we also hit ALL THE PARKS over break.

Friday Jake took off of work and we did a family trip to Southport.  We even took the ferry there. We haven't done the ferry since Ella was a baby.  All the kids loved it!

There was a spring festival in Southport that day.

Saturday morning we hit the beach again, but only for one hour. It was super windy and rather cold.
Sunday was Easter. We celebrated our risen Savior with our church family at The Bridge. We had some dear friends join us for lunch. Unfortunately we completely forgot to take any pictures on Easter.
Monday was our last day of break. We hit the beach for the afternoon and soaked up some rays.
We can hardly wait for summer!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Lewis Farms

Today, after the school day, starts our SPRING BREAK! We have some fun things planned to do here in Wilmington. We decided to start it off with a trip to Lewis Farms to pick strawberries.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

our FIRST pet

While walking home from the park on Monday, I looked down and saw this little guy. His shell is just over an inch long. I snapped this picture and asked Jake, "Can we keep him?" 

The kids have been asking for a pet for YEARS. We have always said no! We don't have pets, we have KIDS! However, this year at school, Lily's classroom has a class pet, Leonard the Leopard Gecko. We have been able to take him home two separate weekends and care for him.  It has been pretty simple and the kids love it. So, I guess we (mainly me) have softened up to the idea of a pet, especially one that lives un an aquarium. 

Well, Jake texted back, "Sure." We picked the girls up from school Monday afternoon.  Benny & Wren were trying to tell Lily & Ella about the turtle.  They weren't quite getting it until I explained that we had the turtle at home for them to see.  "Can we keep him?" they asked. Daddy said "sure!" The car erupted in cheering & yelling! 

Everyone meeting & naming "Speedy Bobby Flaming"

Tuesday morning we picked up an aquarium & some turtle pellets.

Welcome to the family, Speedy Bobby Flaming!

We picked up some library books for our research.

Speedy Bobby even made an appearance at school on Thursday.  
He visited Lily at recess and Ella's class for lunch.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Employee of the Month

He did it AGAIN!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Azalea Festival 2019

This weekend is Azalea Festival here in Wilmington, NC.  This is a huge, almost week long, even here in our town. There are Azalea bells, garden tours, home tours, a parade, a big festival downtown, concerts, etc.... We headed downtown Saturday morning for the parade. The kids love the parade. Unfortunately, Jake was in Raleigh all day for a conference, but the kids and I had fun!

A free kid zone with bouncy houses, train rides, and different vendors (The NC Aquarium, Cape Fear Museum, UNCW Marine Quest, etc.)

We also found a couple of snacks to share.