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Friday, August 5, 2011

Project of the Week (two of them)

I have been wanting to do both of these project for a while, but have not had the time or could not find what I was looking for. Finally was able to check both of them off of my list!

I have been planning on sewing drapes for our living room for a while. I had fabric selected over a year ago, but then the store sold out. I selected a different fabric last week, but started thinking . . . . almost 3 yards per window X 3 windows X $7.99 per yard PLUS nearly 9 yards of lining fabric adds up to A LOT. I also would need to find the time to sew them. I really was planning on buying fabric & starting to sew, but then I found these panels at Ross for $9.99 each. So I paid less for 3 panels plus hardware for 3 windows than I would have for just the decorator fabric (not counting the lining fabric).

Another project that I have wanted to do for a while. The chairs were black "leather," however, in our move a few of them were ripped. This spring Jake's rivets, on his back pockets, tore holes in them too. To top it all off, one day Lily found the rips & decided to pull some big hunks off. Two of the four chairs were still fine but I decided to recover all 4 of them. The fabric is actually outdoor fabric so it should wear well.


I love your curtains and your chairs. Your house is beautiful.
both projects look great, Meg!