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Monday, August 24, 2015

first EVER girls weekend

This past weekend Jocelyn & I met up in Myrtle Beach.  We have been friends since I was in 5th grade & she was in 6th grade. We planned this first EVER girls weekend months ago & we both have been so excited for it! We stayed at Ocean Reef which was right on the beach. We had an amazing view from our balcony.

We enjoyed hours of talking & catching up - uninterrupted adult conversation! We took long walks on the beach each morning - without strollers. We did some shopping - no little hands touching breakables. It was so refreshing! 
I appreciate Jocelyn's friendship for many reasons.  We both don't have time to keep in contact regularly via phone, but when we do chat, after months of playing phone tag, we can pick up right where we left off.  We also challenge one another regarding our spiritual lives, parenting our littles, our families and our marriages. 

We enjoyed two dinners out - no one said "sit still" or "take one more bite."  Friday night we ate at Ultimate California Pizza and Saturday night we ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  Tupelo Honey Cafe was definitely my favorite! The food was amazing & the farm house decor was beautiful.  

A HUGE thanks to our husbands who took care of our kids while we were away. This was the first time Jake has ever had the kids alone overnight, and YES, we have a 5+ year old! I feel like I need to clarify that by saying we (Jake & I) have had a few nights away to celebrate birthdays or anniversary's, but I haven't ever been gone overnight without Jake. I also appreciated coming home to happy kids, a picked up house with dishes done & even some laundry finishing up. WOW!