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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reading Contest

The past two weeks, and over three weekends, Lily's entire first grade class has been doing a reading competition. I kind of dreaded this contest.  Lily (and Jake & I) has had to work hard at reading.  She is doing better every week, but it hasn't come easily-naturally-quickly for her. So when she came home with the reading contest rules, Jake had a BRILLIANT idea.  We set a reasonable goal for her of 100 books.  We told her that if she reached her goal, we would have a family pizza party. Now I have to let you know that one classmate read over 100 books in just the first weekend. So her having her own goal helped her not get discouraged when others were so far ahead.

Lily in front of her Dr. Seuss hat. Each paper strip represents one book read.

Lily worked very hard these past two weeks. She even had a great attitude overall and was self motivated, the majority of the time. Last Friday, she passed 100 books.  Even though the contest ended on Monday, March 20, we had our pizza party on Friday night.  Lily picked homemade stromboli for dinner and we watched Mary Poppins. Lily read a grand total of 131 books!

We are so proud of you Lily!