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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Grandpa & Grandma Flaming visit

We just enjoyed having Jake's parents here during the week (Monday night - Saturday morning).  They got to experience our weekday routine with school, swim lessons, BSF and Community Group. We also had some extra fun with visiting the beach, seeing downtown, a trolley ride, Lewis Farms and Dad & Jake made time for a round of golf.

All 8 of us fit great in Jake's VW bus.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring Break 2018

Our spring break actually started on Thursday afternoon, when the girls had a half day of school. We have had one of our friends stay with us this week while her parents had a little getaway.  
Friday morning we (mom + 5 kids) went to the Children's Museum of Wilmington for their Easter egg hunt and Easter crafts. It was a fun morning!

 Saturday afternoon we stopped by Lewis Farms for some ice cream.

Sunday was EASTER - we had a wonderful day remembering all Jesus has done for us, celebrating this with our church family, lunch with friends and the rest of the day with neighbors, friends and family. It was just beautiful out!

We met friends at Wrightsville Beach on Monday.  It was beautiful! Benny & Lily even made the Star News. Wren & I are in the background of this photo.

Tuesday morning was a big kid date to Greenfield Lake Park and then a treat at Brooklyn Cafe. Most of our afternoons were spent outside in our backyard or at an area park.  We tried to hit as many parks as possible this week.

Wednesday we had BSF in the morning, biked and ran to the park in the afternoon, and went bowling with our Community Group that evening. 
The kids had endless hours of fun finding caterpillars.  They also made caterpillar houses and are still feeding them fresh leaves.  We even have three chrysalis's now.  Can't wait to see the moths & butterflies! 

Thursday morning Benny started swim lessons for the month of April. Unfortunately this was the only smile. After this photo he decided he did not want to be in the cold pool for 30 minutes. Hopefully this Tuesday is better.

After swim lessons we headed to the downtown library, checked out new books (we've done LOTS of reading this week), played outside and enjoyed a picnic lunch with daddy.

Friday morning we met a friend at Chick fil-A for breakfast and then met other friends at another area park (I told you... I think we hit SIX different parks this week!). It was really a great week. Even though typing all this out sounds crazy busy, it was relaxed and enjoyed by all! 

We ended the week by make-your-own-PIZZA for dinner Friday.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

We started off our Easter morning by reading about Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection! Then we enjoyed breakfast as a family.