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Monday, February 21, 2011

Anna's Here

Jake's sister, Anna, flew in Saturday morning for a long weekend with Lily.
Anna is trying to get Lily's first real word to be ANNA - good luck!

Watching Baby Einstein on mommy's new ipad (thanks to some generous friends).

Jake is off today for President's Day. SO NICE to have him home to help with Lily while I work. It's a lot to work from home & take care of your baby at the same time. So thankful though, that I can be home with Lily.
Unfortunately, Anna started feeling sick Sunday night/early Monday morning - stomach bug. Anna has spent most of today in bed. Lily's top teeth are trying to come in. Poor girl, she's been a mess all weekend. Hopefully they poke through soon.

Since I'm working, Anna's in bed sick, & Daddy is home, Lily decided to help daddy work on his VW Beetle today. The weather has been great this weekend - 70's.

(see Lily doing funny stuff with her lips - i think it makes her gums feel better)