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Thursday, February 17, 2011

baby food

I've been making my own baby food. I'm having fun with it. . . for the most part.

I didn't start any cereal or food until Lily's 6 month birthday. I started off by buying oatmeal (not rice) cereal, but it looks like fish food. Seriosly, it does. After we used up the box I just ground up old fashioned oats in my food processor. Lily loves it & it's definitely healthier or it looks better than the flakes.

Today I did corn & peas for the first time. It was super easy. I've already done banana (multiple times) & pumpkin. Lily also loves apple.

I found this AWESOME website all about homemade baby food - Wholesome Baby Food. The site tells you when to start what foods, nutritional value, how to cook them, recipes & what other foods to mix it with. So great!

My HUGE helper.
Then I freeze it in ice cube trays.
A little disclaimer:
I have bought some baby food. I periodically get Gerber coupons in the mail for $1 off if you buy 3 or 4 two-packs. With a coupon it's under $3 for 6-8 containers of food. When I get those coupons, I've used them for more expensive veggies or fruits like mango, peaches, squash, plums, pears, etc. . . I also initially used the coupons for some of the first foods since they are so finely strained & pureed.