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Monday, May 18, 2020

La Hacienda

As mentioned in my previous post, Jake & I were to be in Mexico this week. We are home, of course, just like the rest of the world.  I thought it'd be fun to bring Mexico here with the kids. Tonight we **surprised** daddy with La Hacienda, the name of the Mexican themed dinner restaurant at the resort, here at home. The kids loved the idea. They helped out with the plans (setting the table, making flags and picking out what dress Mom should wear) and preparing the meal (planning the taco bar and chopping all the toppings). We all really enjoyed it.
The kids were big helpers.  
And I was shocked these dresses, from our 2018 Mexico trip, still fit them.

Our Menu

The kids drew the flag of Mexico for decor

 THIS SONG is played before every activity or show at the resort. 
We also had mariachi band music playing in the background during dinner.

Although it'd be so great to be basking in the sun in Mexico right now, we are thankful to be home with our kids, and that we are all healthy & safe. We still wanted to celebrate all of Jake's hard work at My Employees this past year. We are proud of him!


That is so fun and awesome. The food looks delicious! One of our favorite Mexican restaurants when we lived in Arkansas was called La Hacienda (as I'm sure 100s of them are). What a great way to replace, in a way, what you wanted to be doing with something that you can do.