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Saturday, November 1, 2008

High School Fielday

Friday was WCA High School Fielday.
I helped Jake & Tonya set up on Thursday. We got out to the farm around 11am on Thursday & finished around 5pm. Jake & I headed out to the farm at 6:30am on Friday morning. It was pretty chilly (low 40's) while we were finishing things up. My feet were frozen--you'd think that I'd be used to those temps.
Jake finishing up a few things.
Getting ready to start the second game. It was a car theme. There were 4 teams: Mustangs, Corvettes, TransAms & Cameros
Stopping at the "DMV"
Transporting the kids. More transporting
Map Quest gameSlug Bug Game
Tabulating pointsMr. Phillips the crash dummy (also the HS Principle)

It was fun day. The kids seemed to have a great time!
There were 8 different stops for games. The farm had LOTS of acreage & we used a lot of it. I am amazed by Tonya's imagination to think all this up.