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Thursday, November 13, 2008

MORE Flowers from Jake

I had a little bit of a rough day yesterday.

I have been job searching since we arrived in Wilmington (beginning of August). I thought that I would have a job by the time Jake started school (end of August). Obviously God has different plans. There was a job that i had had 2 interviews with & really wanted. Yesterday, I found out that i did not get the job. I was so disappointed. Jake came home from school with a bouquet of flowers for me. He's so sweet. The bouquet even has green button mums, which we had in our wedding. I arranged them in a vase (from our wedding) while we talked. Later Jake just sat me on his lap & held me. I am trying to fully trust God for ALL things (good & bad & disappointing times). I would love to be working full time right now, but God has not allowed that, yet.

Jake's a keeper! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband that God brought into my life. God has been so faithful to us & we will continue to trust Him for the future.


what a sweet husband!! :) After Jason and I got married and moved to MN it took me longer than I hoped to get a job. Its such a defeating feeling but know the Lord is keeping you free for the perfect job that He wants for you. I will be praying for you Meg!