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Thursday, February 7, 2013

concrete countertops

Last Saturday Jake (and a few volunteering buddies) did the concrete countertops.

They have been drying all week.  Jake is planning on doing the sanding & sealing this weekend.

Here is THE PILE.  I'm sure our neighbors love us.  Believe it or not, this is the SECOND pile.  The first pile was all the demolition stuff (walls, glass block, a bathroom, kitchen cabinets, etc.).  We had the roofers load it up in their dumpster that first week we owned the house.

Our house has been "under contract" since January 18.  However, we have not been overly confident that the sale would go through.  The buyer has been a little unrealistic in his expectations/wants/negotiations (He is a first time home buyer.).  We were also waiting to hear back from the appraisal.  After many offers, counter-offers, set backs & much prayer, it looks like the sale of our house IS going through.  We found out on Monday afternoon!  The chaos has begun - packing of our current home & To Do lists for the new house.  Jake is hoping to start laying the flooring this Wednesday.  The original closing date was February 27, but it has been moved to March 5.


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