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Sunday, February 24, 2013

the last weekend before THE move

We still have things on our list, but we got A LOT done.

Emily came up again this weekend to help.  She shop-vac-ed & vacuumed the whole house (multiple times)! HUGE help.

Lily took a break to watch a movie, in the den, on the iPad.

We FILLED the 20 yard dumpster. Ha!

More wainscoting going up in the dining room.
He sure is handsome & handy!

Appliances got delivered - Installing the dishwasher.

We took 5-6 car loads (times 2 cars each trip) to the house.
Unpacking & filling up the pantry.

Filling up the den with boxes.  Jake also installed the ceiling fan.

Closet rods & racks up. Hanging clothes in.

More closets & more clothes.

And more.

And more.

From the pantry looking out through the kitchen.


WOW that looks so nice!!!! Can't wait to see it :) Jake's closet bigger than yours?