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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

counting down the days....

We, and when I say "we" I say it very loosely (mainly Jake, or me with the girls, otherwise I am at the old house packing & keeping the kids alive!) have been working like craZy at the final punch list prior to moving in.  YES - moving in!  We are moving boxes to the "new" house this weekend.  We are moving all the furniture Tuesday night (2/26).  I am SO so excited about being in one house.  This all has gone very fast (barely over 4 months) but we are ready to be in ONE house, own ONE house, eat supper TOGETHER (and at a normal time) & settle into our new home that God has blessed us with. Here are a few things "we've" been doing:

Painted the brick pantry stairs white (I actually did this project):

Install the light that will go over the island (the island is currently in the sunroom & doubling as a work bench for the miter-box saw).

ALL the wood laminates are in & gorgeous, although they are very dirty & dusty!

Looking down the hall to the bedrooms.

Looking from the sunroom to the front door.

I painted the sunroom the other weekend.  Jake trimmed out the windows & is painting the lower 2/3 of the wall white & getting it ready for wainscoting.

The kitchen keeps looking better & better (concrete countertops & backsplash done, flooring in, cabinets are ready to be touched up THEN white glossy subway tile with grey grout).

Carpet is getting installed Thursday (one of two things Jake is not doing himself, the other was the new roof back in November).
Kitchen appliances will be delivered on Saturday.
Then the moving will begin!  Get ready for some before & after posts.


Impressive. Can't wait to see all the pics!