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Friday, July 15, 2016

annual MINNESOTA vacation

We (all SIX of us) just got back, but are still a little groggy, from our annual trip to Minnesota. We had a late flight going there and a super early flight coming back so we are still catching up on sleep.  It's always great to see everyone and for the cousins to get reacquainted.  #babyB and #babyS got to meet the rest of the family that they hadn't met yet. That was special. 

As always, here are some photo highlights from our trip:

Maple Grove splash pad

Boat Ride on Lake Minnetonka

LOTS of play time with the cousins

DONUTS! the girls got to do their own sprinkles

We did LOTS of art (painting, cards, cutting, etc..)

Sleepover at Aunt Bekah's with cousin Morgen

 Flaming Family (missing Aunt Anna)

Seeing Aunt Ronda, Great Grandpa & Great Grandma

We even passed out at nap time a few days!

Picking Grandpa's blackberries

Special times with Grandpa & Grandma Tuttle

Como Zoo

Meeting Grandpa & Grandma Flaming

Coffee with a sweet friend.

Going to Aunt Bekah's work & having lunch downtown.

Ice Cream...We ate lots of ice cream!

A BIG thanks to my parents for letting all SIX of us take over their house.  Thank you to the rest of the family for their hospitality in hosting us and the many meals.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day 2016

It's so fun celebrating THIS GUY year after year after year after year.  
He love us so well, he works hard at his job & at home, he helps out, he provides, he protects, he's handsome, he's handy, he's funny, he's fun to be around, he gives the best hugs!

We love you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

celebrating SIX

And we have a SIX year old.  It seems like just yesterday we met Lily.
We had a fun day celebrating her birthday.  We opened present first (it was very early), while the monkey bread was baking. The Golden Books, that I snagged for $.50 each at the Salvation Army, were a HUGE hit!

Lily requested monkey bread for her birthday breakfast.  
And yes, the bottom of the candles melted in the hot monkey bread.  
Note to self, don't put wax candles into HOT monkey bread. 

Some friends came over to play in the morning.  We did a mini water day with our plastic pool and the new sprinkler.  That evening we met Daddy at Island's (Lily's favorite) for dinner.  Then we dropped Lily & Ella off at VBS.  The girls love Vacation Bible School! After we picked them up, we came home for ice cream sandwiches.  

Lily's description: "it's not a sandwich with bread, it's cookie, ice cream, cookie then rolled in sprinkles.  If only you could see her face & the hand motions as she explained this.
Lily helped mix up & bake the cookies & then assemble the sandwiches the end of last week.

Monday, June 6, 2016

#babyS 6 months

Remember THIS? Well, here we are with #babyB's sister.  
Yesterday, #babyS turned SIX months old.

She is sweet & smiley.
She sleeps all night (minus the missing paci).
She rolls all over the place.
She is very ticklish.
Her laugh is the sweetest.

And at our house, turning 6 months means a birthday feast of infant (oatmeal) cereal.
She seemed to like it!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lily - k5 graduate!

Thursday night Lily graduated from K5. As I said previously, we snuck a beach trip in before graduation.  On the way to WB, she wrote each of us a note.

The graduation started off with a Noah's Ark program.  
Lily was a sheep & she even had a speaking part. She did a great job! 

Lily's wonderful teacher, Miss Schmig

It was so special that Aunt Anna & Aunt Bekah came for this.

 Friday morning, Bekah & Anna stayed home with the littles so Ella & I could go to Lily's classroom awards and kindergarten party.

Lily with her diploma, academic excellence (all A's, all year), and PE award.  She was VERY excited that she got some awards.  We are so proud of her!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

the aunts

Like I just said....and we're back from a crazy week....Aunt Bekah flew in Sunday 5/29 and Aunt Anna flew in Tuesday morning 5/31, just in time to celebrate Ella's birthday. Thursday morning we had court for #babyB and #babyS, which ended up being an all day affair.  Then Thursday evening was Lily's k5 graduation, but we snuck a beach trip in before graduation. Friday, the last day of school, etc...Here are some highlights:

The pool

The beach

The beach AGAIN

Loving on Aunt Anna

Island's (downtown after seeing Daddy's work)

 Beau's Coffee

Meeting #babyS

It's always a blast having family visit.

Friday, June 3, 2016

celebrating FOUR

And we're back from a crazy week....Aunt Bekah flew in Sunday 5/29 and Aunt Anna flew in Tuesday morning 5/31, just in time to celebrate Ella's birthday. Thursday morning we had court for #babyB and #babyS, which ended up being an all day affair.  Then Thursday evening was Lily's k5 graduation. Friday, the last day of school, etc...

Tuesday, May 31 our sweet & hilariously animated Ella turned FOUR. The birthday girl requested waffles, with sprinkles in the batter, for her birthday.

After breakfast Lily was off to school, Daddy off to work, and the rest of us off to the airport to pick up Aunt Anna.

It was a cloudy day, but the sun was trying to peak through, so we headed to the beach.  Ella even got to sit on the lifeguard's 4 wheeler.  Fun stuff!

That evening, we continued celebrating with Dominoes pizza, popcorn & watermelon, per the birthday girl's request.  We had even had surprise party guests - more family that was in town! Adam & Chrissy, and their 4 kids, were in town for a quick trip and it was so fun catching up with them. The kids had a blast! Of course, I forgot to take a picture.  
After lots of eating, talking, playing, and laughing we had Ella's birthday cake - pink ice cream cake with oreos & sprinkles.  I see a SPRINKLES theme.

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY, ella taylor!