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Friday, May 31, 2013


ONE year!  How do we go from this....... this?
I really LOVE the first year. Yes, there are many sleepless nights & sleep deprived days.  There are frustrations with learning how life changes with a new baby & long days, but overall, I really love the first year.  It is so amazing how they change from a dependent newborn into a little, talkative, & mobile person. Ella is such a sweet girl.  She is very content, smiley & just so fun.  I can't remember life without her. We are so thankful that God gave her to us.  She is a blessing to our family!

Here are a couple of picture of Lily at ONE year (wearing the same outfit).

Have I said lately how FUN it is to have TWO girls (the same season)?  LOVE them.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

strawberry picking

This morning, after our weekly Saturday run, we went strawberry picking.  Our husbands & kids met us running girls at Lewis Farms.  Why not?  We were already dirty, sweaty & smelly.

Superman was there too!  Lily & Brayden are buds.

We picked strawberries & blueberries.  A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

beach day

We girls met a bunch of our friends at the beach this morning.  It was FUN!

 This was Ella's first time at the beach.  She loved it.  I'm pretty sure she ate a lot of sand - a little extra fiber never hurts.  Notice the face plant in the sand - this happened often!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

engagement party

A friend of our's son was proposing yesterday.  Tonya asked me if I could help her get a few things ready for the actual proposal (refinish a bench & make the luminaries using canning jars - super cute!).  In the end, I was in charge of the engagement party - decor & food.  I was told that Janelle loves yellow so I ran with that.  I LOVED every minute of planning this party.  

 You can never go wrong with bunting & burlap.

 Heart-shaped sugar cookies (half dipped in white chocolate with yellow sugar).

The dessert buffet.

More bunting & some pictures of Leighton & Janelle.

No party is complete without party favors.  
A few of the heart-shaped sugar cookies were in the bags.