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Monday, March 18, 2013

Quintiles Half Marathon

Sunday morning I ran my second half marathon.  It was here in Wilmington which was nice to have hometown advantage - lots of friends to see a long the way.

Pre-race picture

Mid-race - Chelsea & Me

 Me & Becky after the race.  Somehow we didn't get a group picture after.

My race time was 2 hours 8 minutes 20 seconds.
I beat my Disney time & felt WAY better after this race.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

moved in, but not settled

We're alive (barely).  We moved into our new house on Thursday, February 28.  We didn't have our internet hooked up until the following Tuesday. We have been busy with life, the girls, being sick & unpacking.  This past weekend was the first weekend, seemingly since we bought this house 4 months ago, that Jake & I were not playing tag team.  We were home together, as a family, ALL weekend - it was glorious!
I have been wanting to post some pictures, but I must admit.....I want to have things DONE before I post pictures.  Well, reality is, we have MONTHS (possible more like a year) of projects before this house is done.  So I am getting over it & posting some current project pictures as well as in-progress house pictures.  Here it goes!

Current Projects:
Saturday Jake started putting up the glossy white subway tile.  No, he's never done tile before & YES, he learned on YouTube.  He amazes me daily! He still has the sink wall to do & then he'll grout it all. We love it already!

Jake also worked on converting our salvaged kitchen cabinet into an island.

Wrapped the cabinet in beadboard, added a bookshelf & a made by Jake butcher-block top.

Waahh-laaa (no clue how to spell that so sound it out!)
We are planning to stain, distress & seal the butcher-block top. We will also paint the bottom white.

Some in-progress house shots:
We have a lot of trim to finish putting up (then caulk & paint).  We ordered all new interior doors for the house.  We just picked them up this weekend.  The doors need painted & hardware drilled out & put on.  Also on the list: replacing windows, decorating, adding of details, etc....You get the idea.

Living room shot (standing at the island)

Living room shot (from the front door)

Living room shot (standing at the den/playroom stairs)

Kitchen shot (standing at the island)

More pictures to come.  And some before & after posts when a little more of the rooms are finished.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ella - 9 months

Ella turned 9 months old the last day of February.
Ella weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces (holy moly!) and 28 inches long.
Ella is always smiling & we just LOVE her.