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Sunday, January 20, 2013

update on the House (both of them!)

It's about time for a HOUSE UPDATE.  I haven't posted anything since HERE.  So here is an update on BOTH of our houses:

Our current home is under contract!  After our house being on the market for 3 months & 3 days, after 18 house showings and 2 offers.....we are under contract.  We are so thankful & praising God for answered prayer.  I am especially thankful to not have to be constantly cleaning & picking up for house showings.  We had 8 showings in 10 days & that about did me in! Please continue to pray that everything goes smoothly.  We have the home inspection this week & then the appraisal soon after.  If all goes smoothly, the tentative closing date is February 27.

Our "new" house is coming along.  Here are some pictures of what Jake has been working on:

BEFORE of the Den Bathroom:

In Progress AFTER:
We walled up the doorway that was going from the bath into the pantry.  This gave us more space in both rooms.  I am not really a fan of two doors into one bathroom.  That can make for some awkward moments.
We saved the wood laminates that we ripped up out of the living room & Lily's room.  We are using them in this bathroom, the pantry & the laundry room.  The checkers are painted with leftover paint (called Red Velvet Cake) from Lily's current bedroom.  We are planning on distressing the floor & then probably putting a coat of polyurethane over top.  Jake needs to put the toilet in (which we saved from the salon half bath that we demolished) & then I need to do some major cleaning.  I'll have to take & post a picture of the ceiling. Jake added recessed lighting & we updated the drop ceiling (removing the drop ceiling in the bathroom is a project for another day). We will have two working bathrooms initially.  The hall bath is still gutted.

BEFORE the pantry:

Lovely drop ceiling & awesome blue nasty carpet.
Also the doorway from the pantry into the den bath.

In progress AFTER:
Once again we reused the flooring we had ripped up.  Jake used the two different kinds of flooring in here to make it looked striped.  We used leftover paint from our current kitchen. We need to put the shelving back up, paint the brick steps white & then Jake will fix the top of the doorway (its messed up from removing the drop ceiling & from closing off the doorway).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walt Disney World weekend

We just got back from a VERY fun weekend with some of our dear friends.  When you don't live near family, your friends become your family, and these friends are our family.  We went to Walt Disney World to race.  I have been training with these girls for months (since late this summer).

Just arriving at the expo

These two are buddies.  We regularly found Lily "beating up" Jared. Or "Jawed" as Lily calls him.

I signed up for the half marathon - 13.1 miles.
Becky ran it with me. Here is a picture of us girls (pre-race around 4am) -my running buddies. 

We met up with our friend, Allison, from church. I ran with Becky & Allison until mile 2.  I then picked it up.  My goal was to run the half in under 2 hours (9:18 pace).  However, by mile 2-3 I knew that it wasn't going to happen.  There were 25,000 runners.  So many people to weave around & try to pass.  Plus runners were stopping to either take pictures with Disney characters or at every mile marker.  It was crazy!
Mile 12....I finally saw someone I knew.  I spotted Jake & the girls.  It was a lonely 10 miles of not seeing anyone. Our non-running "cheer" group was at Magic Kingdom (mile 6-7). Somehow they missed me & I missed them.  I was looking as I came up to the castle but couldn't see anyone.

Finished.  My time was 2:14:31.  

Sunday was the marathon.  We cheered on Rick, Becky (Becky did the Goofy - run the half & full) & LeAnn.

Close to the finish line.  Rick coming in & Jared joined him.

Becky & LeAnn at the home stretch.

Now they spot me.

After the marathon picture with all the runners from the weekend.

The entire group at Downtown Disney on Sunday night.

Our running group - we ran "to infinity and beyond."

Lily & the princess

Lily & Buzz

 Daddy & Lily with Mickey & Minnie

Lily rode the merry-go-round with her friend, Brayden

Check out my race hardware!

Monday, January 7, 2013

IRISH girls

We are all ready for the big BCS Bowl game tonight.
Go Irish!