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Friday, May 31, 2019

Ella turns SEVEN

Today, Ella turned SEVEN
 We stared off with a breakfast birthday party.  Ella requested cinnamon rolls.

May birthday celebrations at school.  
There were 3 other classmates with a May birthday.

After school, we went to the downtown library and picked out some new books.  Ella asked for her birthday dinner at Island's followed by going to the Downtown Sundown Concert.  Afterwards we headed home for birthday cake.  Ella's chocolate cake creation: bottom layer was Ella's cake recipe, then a layer of chocolate ice cream and topped with crushed Oreos.  It was yummy!

Happy 7th Birthday, ELLA!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Employees Champion's Trip to MEXICO

Once again this year, Jake was invited on the My Employees Champions trip. Jake won Employee of the YEAR, which is an automatic invitation on the Champions Trip.  So so proud of him and all his hard work.

The trip was May 15-21 to Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, the all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
The My Employees Group

Welcome back! We have vacationed at this resort the past two years. Wednesday we didn't arrive at the resort until 3:30pm.  We went and grabbed a very late lunch. We cooled off in the pool for an hour and then headed back to our room. 
Jake was pretty wiped out from taking dramamine on the flights.  Basically Jake layed down at 6pm.  I unpacked and then laid down.  We woke up at 8:45pm.  I ordered room service. Jake got up for about 30 minutes and then we slept until 6am.  This is vacation - eat and nap whenever we want. No schedule - this is probably the best and most relaxing part of the trip.
The food here is amazing!
All the fruit.  Already cut! This is my favorite - mango especially!

Some of Jake's breakfast favorites.

Meg trying all the different eggs.

Our typical day... Get up and go for a run or workout together. After breakfast, we go to the beach for the morning.  We relax and read under the cabana. We go for walks on the beach and swim in the ocean. Jake & I are reading "You and Me Forever" by Francis and Lisa Chan.  We are loving it so far.
11am is when beach volleyball starts. Volleyball is always fun.
At some point we would grab lunch and then hang out at the pool.  
Normally around 4pm we would head back to our room, FaceTime with the kids, nap (pretty sure Jake snoozed every day!), and then get ready for dinner. 

Thursday night group indoor dinner

Friday the My Employees group went on an excursion. We snorkeled in the ocean and saw sea turtles and sting rays.  Then we went to the cenotes to snorkel again.

Friday night we had dinner reservations at 7:40pm with 2 other couples. We set an alarm for 6:45pm, laid down and didn't wake up until 8:05pm. Whoops! Thankfully our friends were very understanding and feel the same way about vacation mode and napping.  We ended up doing dinner, the two of us, at the sushi bar, another BIG FAVORITE!

Saturday we did the Sushi bar again with 4 other friends.  The crab tempura is incredible!

Living our best life

Sunday dinner, surprise, we did the SUSHI BAR again with our friends Josh & Taryn.
I told you; it's our favorite!

Finding shells 

It's turtle season there.  The resort found 156 eggs on May 15!

Monday night was another group dinner.  An outdoor Mexican Fiesta where there is a lady making tortillas on a huge metal drum. Very cool to see.

And while we were relaxing in Mexico our kids were being spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa!! Thanks Dad & Mom for loving our kids and caring for them while we vacationed.  Thank you for using your vacation time to care for our kids. We could really relax and enjoy our time away knowing the kids were in great hands!
Duck Donuts

Power of Play on Saturday

Special gifts from Grandpa & Grandma

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

This Mother's Day was extra special.  My mom was here!  This is the first Mother's Day I have had with my mom in 11 years.  

Jon & Em drove up Friday and were here by dinner. My parents flew in Saturday afternoon. It was so fun being all together over the weekend.  Emily is expecting a girl the end of August.  We had lots of time to sit and talk and catch up.
Sunday morning we had breakfast before church: quinoa sausage egg bake, yogurt, homemade granola and berries. After church we did lunch at Jason's Deli. Jon & Em had to head home after lunch.

We also snapped a few family photos.  "R" joined our family late Tuesday night, April 23.  She is 2 years old (turning 3 in August) and adjusting well to our family. The kids have done awesome sharing their toys, Wren sharing her clothes, and all of them sharing their parents. This has been a huge help & blessing!

I really can't adequately express how special it was to all be together on Mother's Day.  We only see each other twice a year or so (my parents and the Hight's).