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Friday, August 19, 2016

FIRST grade

Well, our summer sure flew bye, maybe because we were busy checking items off of our Summer Bucket List.  Yesterday, Lily started FIRST GRADE.

On Tuesday, we went to the open house.
We found her desk, we dropped off school supplies & we met her teacher, Mrs. Lindsay.

She was so excited Thursday morning.
I can't handle the cuteness with that uniform!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Bucket List 2016

Once school was out, the kids and I made a Summer Bucket List for 2016.
School starts back next week and we almost X-ed everything off the list!


X-Carolina Gymnastics
X-Port City Gymnastics (free class)
X-Children's Museum
X-Regal $1 movie
X-Power of Play
X-Picnic with Daddy
FREE trolley downtown 
Library (downtown)
NE Library (dog reading program)
X-Splash Pad
X-Hugh MacRae Park (new!)
X-Wrightsville Beach
X-Fountains at Wrightsville Beach
X-Wrightsville Beach park (new!)
X-Pet Store 
McNally's Farm
X-Ice cream @ Boombalatti's 
Wake & Bake Donuts
Dixie Grill (Jake & Meg date)

employee of the month....again

Remember THIS for September 2015?  
Well, it happened again for December 2015 (guess I forgot to post that one).  
And now Jake got EOM again for July 2015.

We are super proud of him. So we celebrated.

The girls made cards.
The building Daddy works in, by Lily

 By Ella

The X's and O's stand for all the hard work Daddy does. By Lily

Ice Cream, at Boombalatti's, before dinner.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Forever Family

As of last Friday, we are on the adoption path with #babyB and #baby S. We are so excited. On Saturday afternoon, we sat down with Lily & Ella to talk, with them, about this.

Yesterday at the grocery store a lady hunted us down (saw us & made a B-line for me) in the produce department. She came over & said "let me see this family. Are they all yours?" I said "yes." She then kept talking & was asking Ella questions. Ella then chimed in, in her high squeaky sing-songy voice, "they're going to be our family forever."
It was so sweet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Back in June, the girls each had a well check.  Lily was asked to read the eye chart.  She didn't do so great while covering up her right eye.  So we scheduled an eye exam for once we got back from vacation.  Sure enough, she is "far sighted and has all kinds of astigmatisms."  Glasses it is!  

Her glasses came in this week and she couldn't wait to pick them up.  

Just like her daddy, glasses at 6 years old!