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Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you're gonna be DUMB, you gotta be TOUGH!

We (Emily, Melissa, Jake & I) went to the beach today. It was so hot! Jake decided to "dive" in (Baywatch Style) in 6" of water. As you can see. . .he still needs to work on it prior to his audition.
Ouch! He OBVIOUSLY landed on his head in the sand. The sand shaved off his hair & skin. We're hoping it grows back in.
You should've seen the sand!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Anchorage

I had the priviledge of going to The Anchorage with 2 different groups from WCA. Thursday & Friday of this past week was the Senior High kick-off for school. Then Monday & Tuesday was the Middle School kick-off. I had a GREAT time with both groups. It was so fun to meet a lot of the kids as well as the school staff. We played lots of games, tubed & went water-skiing.

I also loved NOT having to stay at home, by myself, while Jake was gone. :) And. . .of course we forgot the camera. Oops!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ONE Month

Man, time is flying. Jake & I have already been married one month. We have been pretty busy this first month with the wedding, honeymoon, moving to NC, painting our entire condo, unpacking & my job searching.

Tonight we went out for dinner for our anniversary. We went downtown Wilmington to The Union Cafe. We sat outside on our own private balcony. The food was delicious.

Unfortunately, we forgot the camera.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Little Love Nest. . .

. . .as it is affectionately called by ME. :)

We arrived in Wilmington on Tuesday, August 5. We went & bought paint the next day. We've been painting & unpacking every spare minute. My truck came on Thursday. Some friends from church came & helped us unload it all Thursday night. Here it is. . .we're all settled now.

PS-You really should go onto facebook. We posted before & after pictures there. There is QUITE a difference.

Dining Room & Kitchen
Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen

From hallway looking into the living room.

Left side of the living room.

Hallway to Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Main Bathroom

Hope you can come visit us & see our home!

Hammerhead's Game

We went to a Hammerhead's soccer game on Saturday night with Ben & Melody. It was a fun night, even though the game ended in a tie of 0-0.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving & Road Trip to NC

We loaded up my things on Friday, August 1. Don't worry, I didn't have this entire truck. Only 8 linear feet.

We had lunch with Margraf's & then dinner with my family. Jake & I hit the road around 7pm Friday night.

At a rest stop on Saturday. We arrived at Jake's parent's in Nappanee, IN around 5pm on Saturday.

Jake went through his boxes of things. We ended up with 3 more boxes of stuff in our car for the rest of the road trip.

Sunday afternoon their church had a little reception for us.
So sweet of them.

We made it to Wilmington! We arrived Tuesday late afternoon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five's a Charm

One night, Jake & decided to go get coffee around 7:45.
We kept passing coffee shop after coffee shop.
They were all closed.

We finally found this drive thru OPEN. We walked through the drive thru for our latte's. There was no Starbuck's close by that would have been open until 11pm.

The Honeymoon

Jake & I had a wonderful & relaxing honeymoon. We stayed at Larsmont Cottages right between Two Harbors & Duluth.
It was a great week!
Sitting on the edge of Lake Superior

Betty's Pies. . .Mmmmm

Goosebury Falls

Out on the Jetty, on the way to Duluth.

Downtown Duluth

Complimentary Smore's at Larsmont

Me & Paul Bunyan?
What's up with him wearing a mini dress???

One large Rooster

"Downtown" Two Harbors

About to walk all the way out to the lighthouse on the end.

It was really really windy out there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Pictures

We received our wedding pictures on Friday. Here are a few. We have LOTS of them posted on facebook. Our photographer was GREAT & so nice to work with. Her name is Laura Jill Negen. Check out her website here.

Lacing on my dress

My shoes

Just for laughs

Almost ready

First moments seeing Jake

Unity Table

Our Parents.

Tuttle Family

Flaming Family

Wedding Party

Staged Signing

Staged Getaway

The Real Thing

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Flaming