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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Details of the Engagement

Everyone has been asking for details, so here they are.

Friday night Jake & I went downtown Wilmington to Elijah's for dinner. Elijah's is right on the river--very pretty & good food. Jake had said that we were going to go to the beach later that night. We walked around the boardwalk near Elijah's. After dinner we decided to go to Port City Java for coffee & then head out to the beach. While we were at the coffee shop Jake received a "call" from Coach Tucker (the Athletic Director at WCA). Coach Tucker "said" that the alarms had gone off at the gym & we needed to meet him over there to check it out. Here is what happened once we got to the school.

I really had no clue. I had thought that it would happen at the beach later that night. For anyone that doesn't know. . .I had a similar incident with the Plymouth, MN police in December of 2005. I was detained in the back of a cop car for an hour with handcuffs on. While all of this was happening on Friday night I was just thinking--I can't believe this is happening to me again. No clue that Jake was going to propose. A friend of Jake's, Ed McMahon, is Chief Deputy for New Hanover. He hooked Jake up. I am actually staying at Ed & Teena's while I am in Wilmington.


That's is too funny! I think I might have passed out or something though! :)

That's SO great! Congrats!
So creative and so fun! Congratulations, Meg!!!!!