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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Project

Here is what I did for HOURS today--hand writing the inside envelopes. Lindsay helped me by putting the invitations in the envelopes . The end is in site. . .my list is done! I am going to work on Jake's guest list this coming weekend. :)

Jake designed our invitations & they are gorgeous!


they look beautiful! can't wait to get one! doesn't it feel so "official" when you start addressing?!
Yes, it's getting so close & I am EXTREMELY excited! :)
So exciting! I am so happy for you! I was able to work out my trip to MN to be there for your wedding; I can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride! Love, Beth
I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU (and I've never even met you!) :) First, I cannot believe Jake designed those. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!! Does this mean your colors are brown!?!? Second, IF you are going to keep everything so secretive about your wedding PLEASE PROMISE that after the big day you'll post all the pics for us who cannot be there!!! Your'e almost there!!! Even though I am sure you can't wait, don't rush along too much! This is an exciting time for you all and it makes your big day that much more special!!! Love your style, btw.
Yes, the bridesmaids are wearing chocolate brown (they all picked their own dresses from various stores). The little kids (Jonas & Ella Stamper, Morgen & Carsten Markgraf) are wearing cute outfits. The girls-white & brown poka-dot dresses. The boys-brown & white seersucker shorts & a brown polo. I'll post LOTS of pics. . .after the wedding, honeymoon & I'm all moved to NC--maybe early to mid August! :)