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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy-Busy Days

Yesterday morning I met Kristina for coffee at Starbuck's. I LOVE getting together with friends over a cup of coffee. There is almost nothing better. :) We then went over to her mother-in-law's Quilt Shop in Rogers. They have an amazing selection of fabrics.
After that I went & had my final haircut before the wedding. So exciting. . .but so sad. I am NOT looking forward to finding a new hairstylist. Megan is so great! I'm sure I'll be booking haircuts everytime I'm in Minnesota.
Next I met Gloria downtown for lunch. More of my favorite things. . . downtown, lunch & friends. We went to MASA for lunch.
I love Minneapolis!
After a busy morning I ran more errands & crossed many more things off of my To Do list. My list is getting shorter. . .but then every week a new To Do list emerges. Oh well, the end is in sight. Lindsay got free tickets to a pre-release showing of The Dark Night. Lindsay, Jess, Bekah & I went. It was pretty good.
It was definitely a busy day, but a fun day & I was able to spend time with a few of my friends & sisters, who I will miss greatly.


You all got to see the dark night! I'm jealous. It's a major undertaking to go see a movie these days with getting a babysitter and all! I do hope to get to that one, though.

Do you guys plan on staying in Wilmington permanently?