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Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Little Love Nest. . .

. . .as it is affectionately called by ME. :)

We arrived in Wilmington on Tuesday, August 5. We went & bought paint the next day. We've been painting & unpacking every spare minute. My truck came on Thursday. Some friends from church came & helped us unload it all Thursday night. Here it is. . .we're all settled now.

PS-You really should go onto facebook. We posted before & after pictures there. There is QUITE a difference.

Dining Room & Kitchen
Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen

From hallway looking into the living room.

Left side of the living room.

Hallway to Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Main Bathroom

Hope you can come visit us & see our home!


It looks awesome! I can't wait to come see it in person.
Meg, Your place is absolutely adorable! You did a fantastic job in such a short amount of time--do you want to come & help me? ;)
All I have to say Meg is don't get a dog or a cat!!!!! Snickers chewed on a red pen on our bedspread we bought when we were married. On the other hand, life goes on and you'll have kids (Lord willing). And they can do the same thing... or worse! Anyways... : )
I really love your place and can't wait to come visit too.
Beth, we love, love, LOVE the sign that you gave us. It's currently on our mantle. Did you & Dave make it? Thanks so much. We'll cherish it forever.
What a great job you and Jake have done in setting up your first home. I love everything about it and you two! Mom
your house looks beautiful!