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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laminate is DONE & Beautiful

Jake finished ALL the laminate flooring today!

T-molding is in too


we've repainted all the hardware (from brass to black)

we've started moving some things over

master ceiling fan/light is installed


Oh my goodness. It looks amazing! You guys are rock stars!
Hi Meg,
I've been checking out the progress on your new house and you and Jake are an inspiration in home improvement! You are definitely making your new house into a beautiful home. May God use your home for His glory.
Julie Roman
Oh, I love the chalky, black doorknob! It’s quite unique, eh? I love that ceiling fan, too! Look at it when it’s lighted, it feels so regal! Anyway, have you tried to repaint it and try another color, a darker or a lighter shade perhaps? =)

Staci Severns