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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Before & After - buffet

Jake & I have been looking for a buffet for our dining room. We have VERY limited cupboards & storage in our kitchen. Jake & I found this buffet on Sunday afternoon at an antique store. It is a Thomasville piece. The best part is that we got it for $50.



okay, I don't know you, but I know several of your family members! Greta was in my wedding and I think I first met Luke when I accompanied his high school voice lessons! haha!

I must have found your blog through Greta or someone. . .but I love your style and am excited to see what you are doing with the new house!

My husband just finished seminary and we just moved to the Portland area of Oregon. . .so beautiful and so much to explore:) Oh, and my name is Sarah, by the way:) Just wanted to introduce myself since I will be checking your blog and adding it to my list! :)