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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the crib

Jake started painting the crib on Saturday & finished it on Sunday. I'm sure you're all surprised that I picked black, to paint the crib.
The crib with the lovely quilt Mom Flaming made for the baby. I found a bumper tonight at Once Upon A Child. I'm still looking for a crib skirt; I may end up sewing one. I still need to get crib sheets as well. . . I'd love to find the lime green for the sheets.
I've been working in the baby's room a lot recently. Doing lots of reorganizing of closets & the lockers. I'll post pictures once it's presentable.


Nice! You two get the most done of anyone I know! amazing! you were made for each other. :)
I love the black crib. I wanted black when Rae was born, and everybody thought I was crazy. I think it looks so classy.