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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

landscaping - flowers

We (mostly Jake) has been doing some work around our yard. Jake was home for spring break last week - so nice to have him around. He spent most of the break outside working in the yard.
My latest planter I did for the front porch. Can't wait for the poppy's to bloom.

Lily likes it too.

Some new perennials as well as some transplanted bulbs & ivy.

Jake built the compost pile last week. Also put the brick border around the compost pile & apple tree.

More pots/planters on the back patio.

We got these plants last summer when my Mom was here. They were basically dead & FREE at Lewis Farms. My mom said that they should come back so we snagged them & planted. So glad we did - they are doing the best out of all our perennial plants.

Lindsay gave us the "F" flag for Christmas.


nice brick border. I really like the look! You have an apple tree? YUM! Does "F" stand for firewood? :) :)
yes, we get enough apples to make a pie or two. firewood, exactly. :)