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Sunday, May 15, 2011


So any of you who REALLY know me know that I would pass up "real" shopping any-day to go yard sale-ing, dumpster diving or to thrift stores. LOVE searching for a deal or a steal or something unique.
I have been looking for some things that we need (and want) for Lily, but I do not want to pay full price. So yesterday, I hit the jackpot. We stopped at Memories of a Child. Since our camera died yesterday, I'll have to provide links of what we got. I have been wanting to find Lily a kitchen set for her 1 year birthday. I do NOT want a big plastic one. I would like something wooden. Found one online at IKEA but it's $100.

So yesterday, I found THIS kitchen for Lily. It's the one that says - STOVE-SINK COMBINATION R0123

The sink was full of toys as well as another shrink wrap pack underneath. When we got home I washed it all down. When I undid the shrink wrapped sink & pack & found MORE. THIS was in the sink. As well as THIS & THIS. It also had some assorted pots, pans & plates.

The best thing is. . . I paid $40 for ALL of it. Brand new it's all worth - $309

Other deals I've found recently:
  • Car Seat Cover (I wished I had one for Lily so I snatched one up; sheepskin lined too; for future children) - GoodWill for $4
  • Booster Seat (to attach to the barstool) - $1 at a yard sale
  • Little Bike (indoor/outdoor) - Found at Memories of a Child
Still searching for. . . .
  • Bath Toy Holder
  • Outdoor Swing to hang in our tree


WOW!!! that is really amazing. I can hear how excited you are in your post and I can see why! congrats on your great finds. :) you are good.
congratulations on your little kitchen. i would be excited too. i had been wanting a wooden kitchen for my kids too. i ended up finding a homemade one at a garage sale. (not as nice as yours) but it has great storage and is super sturdy.

i have been LOVING garage saleing this spring. so thankful to finally be out of our apartment.