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Sunday, July 10, 2011

TWINS shower

My cousin Adam's wife, Chrissy, is expecting TWINS in September.
We had a little TWINS shower for her on Saturday.
I can't wait to meet these two (1 boy & 1 girl).

Chrissy's mom ordered the below cake for the shower.
It was fun that she could be there for the shower.

My little helper. These cute aprons were a birthday gift for Lily.

***Jake took these photos quick before the shower started. I was so busy that I didn't touch the camera during the shower. So bummed that I didn't take a picture with Chrissy & her girls.***


yea! Looks cute and I love the pic of you and Lily in your aprons. It was so good to see you, Meg.
Fantastic aprons!
... and I love the pear/pair stuff!
you are so gifted. what a beautiful party. i love the daises and apples. the aprons are so cool.