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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in MN & WI

We headed up north on Saturday, Christmas Eve. We had such a GREAT time with our families. Once again (this seems to always happen to me)...we get home...I look through my pictures on our camera and realize that we didn't take very many pictures. Mainly candids but hardly any of our family with us. Ugh - oh well. I don't have any pictures of Lily with her grandparents. How does this happen?

Below are a few pictures of our trip:

Lily opened TONS of gifts. She is loved & spoiled.

My mom & my sisters.

The Tuttle side of the family.

Lily & 2 of her cousins "helping" her open her gifts.

The Flaming side of the family.

I was also able to see a few of my MN friends.
What do you know...I had my camera with me, but I forgot to take a picture of my visit with Beth. I was also able to see my sweet friend, Kristina.