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Thursday, April 5, 2012

SHED progress - update

We had a minor set back... Saturday night when our neighbor got home, she was not happy about the size of the shed & that it is right beside her fence/yard/house. Jake was really nice when they talked. Jake thought that we were covered: within building/zoning codes & we are not members of our home owners association. Well, Tuesday morning a white truck pulled up with a inspector from the county zoning/building department. Our neighbor had turned us in with multiple emails. Jake had drawn up the plans based on square footage (10x14), not the dimensions listed (12x12). So after the visit with the inspector, Jake had to lower the roof a little, make the shed a little smaller in length & no covered porch. UGH.. .so much work & time BUT God was good. I was praying that IF this would happen it would happen early on in the week before Jake had it mostly done. Also a friend (with a lot of building experience) was over helping Jake when the inspector came. He was so helpful in helping Jake think through how to scale down the shed the most efficient way. So by Tuesday evening, the shed was within code. Thank the Lord.

After the roof had been lowered & the front door wall moved back.

Doors are on.

Window is in & most of the trim is up.

Siding is going up.

Lily wants to be JUST LIKE her Dad. She puts on his shoes. If Jake has a pencil in his mouth, she wants a pencil in her mouth. If Jake's on the ladder, she wants to be on the ladder. If Jake has a work apron on, so does she. It is so cute!

More siding is on & the porch roof/overhang is off.
Next steps...finish siding & start painting!