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Sunday, October 28, 2012

demolition has begun

As I said in my previous post, we closed on the "new" house on Thursday, therefore, demolition began on Friday.  Why do tomorrow what we can do today?

BEFORE - The glass block wall (which goes from the entry into the hall bath).  Not sure what the previous owners were thinking.  That could make for some very awkward moments. 

BEFORE - I don't think I need to say why we gutted the bathroom.

AFTER - The hall bathroom is gutted down to the studs & sub-floor.

BEFORE - There were two full/half walls breaking up the entry, living room & kitchen.
You can see the glass block wall thru the one opening & the kitchen cabinets thru the other.

BEFORE - Lots of cabinets & walls breaking up the space.

AFTER - The two half walls are taken down & entryway. kitchen, living room are opened up.

AFTER - The excess kitchen cabinets out & walls taken down.

AFTER - See how OPEN it is now!

BEFORE -  This is the hallway down to the bedrooms. You then had to walk thru a bedroom to get to the utility room & salon (which will eventually be our master bedroom). We are taking out the wall that ends the hallway.  

AFTER -  We will lengthen the hallway all the way down to the master bedroom.

That's all for now.  
Our list is never ending, but we can see the beauty in this current dump. :)


Great work! Your house is going to look fabulous. I love open floor plans.