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Sunday, November 18, 2012

more demolition pics

Well...we think all the demolition phase of the house is done.  We're bottomed out - it can't look much worse.  Here are some pics:

Walled up the closet on the left to add that space to the main hall bath that we gutted.

Added former closet space to the main hall bath.  The door used to hit the toilet when you opened it.  This weeks project is moving the toilet plumbing.

We've been working on the kitchen.  Priming soffitting & cabinets.  I have been painting the cabinet doors at home during the girl's afternoon nap. We had originally wanted to gut the kitchen, but it is just too expensive.

This weekend Jake & a friend worked on taking out the half bath in the salon.  We are converting the salon into a master bedroom & bath suite.  The half bath was at the end of that wall.  He then took out the wall to the left to add a doorway into the master bath.  Jake also removed the salon hair washing sink & patched up the drywall.

Now it's time to start putting it all back together.
Please continue to pray that our current house will sell. It's been on the market for one month.