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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walt Disney World weekend

We just got back from a VERY fun weekend with some of our dear friends.  When you don't live near family, your friends become your family, and these friends are our family.  We went to Walt Disney World to race.  I have been training with these girls for months (since late this summer).

Just arriving at the expo

These two are buddies.  We regularly found Lily "beating up" Jared. Or "Jawed" as Lily calls him.

I signed up for the half marathon - 13.1 miles.
Becky ran it with me. Here is a picture of us girls (pre-race around 4am) -my running buddies. 

We met up with our friend, Allison, from church. I ran with Becky & Allison until mile 2.  I then picked it up.  My goal was to run the half in under 2 hours (9:18 pace).  However, by mile 2-3 I knew that it wasn't going to happen.  There were 25,000 runners.  So many people to weave around & try to pass.  Plus runners were stopping to either take pictures with Disney characters or at every mile marker.  It was crazy!
Mile 12....I finally saw someone I knew.  I spotted Jake & the girls.  It was a lonely 10 miles of not seeing anyone. Our non-running "cheer" group was at Magic Kingdom (mile 6-7). Somehow they missed me & I missed them.  I was looking as I came up to the castle but couldn't see anyone.

Finished.  My time was 2:14:31.  

Sunday was the marathon.  We cheered on Rick, Becky (Becky did the Goofy - run the half & full) & LeAnn.

Close to the finish line.  Rick coming in & Jared joined him.

Becky & LeAnn at the home stretch.

Now they spot me.

After the marathon picture with all the runners from the weekend.

The entire group at Downtown Disney on Sunday night.

Our running group - we ran "to infinity and beyond."

Lily & the princess

Lily & Buzz

 Daddy & Lily with Mickey & Minnie

Lily rode the merry-go-round with her friend, Brayden

Check out my race hardware!