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Sunday, April 14, 2013

GREAT Grandpa & Grandma

We had a FUN weekend with Great Grandpa & Grandma.  They came to see us back at Thanksgiving-on their way to FL.  They decided to stop by again-on their way back to Iowa.  The house looks A LOT better now.  It was pretty much bottomed out in November.
 Lily & Great Grandma read books.

 Lily had a painting lesson from Great Grandma.

 Grandpa & Jake worked on a project - finishing the foundation under the dining room.

 We took an ice cream break at Lewis Farms.  Ella had her first ice cream.

 LOVE these four!

 Grandpa gave Ella MORE ice cream.  This girl was spoiled!

Ella was quite the pick-pocket for anything she could find in Great Grandpa's shirt pocket.