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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Before & After - Lily's Room

I only have one accessible BEFORE picture of Lily's room. 
The flooring in here wasn't too bad, but the floor in the hallway, right outside of Lily's room was rotted.  The air handler is in a closet in the hallway.  It leaked for a long time.  When Jake ripped up the flooring in the hallway & Lily's room, he realized that the laminate flooring was the ONLY thing keeping us from falling through the floor.  In fact, someone DID fall thru the floor - we think it was the termite inspector.  Ouch!  Jake had to replace the sub-floor.  Jake had to do the same thing in the hall bathroom.

AFTER pictures of Lily's room:


Paint Color - Valspar Gilded Pesto  6007-6B

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