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Friday, October 18, 2013

new windows

This past two weeks we have been having new windows installed in our ENTIRE house....21 windows.  Yay!  We decided to contract this out.  Jake is back in school & it would have taken him a l-o-n-g time to do all the windows. There isn't lots of spare time right now. The house still had the original single pane windows from 1970.  They were rather drafty last winter. 

Front of house BEFORE:
Notice the bay window on the right, being held up by a well as the huge aquarium window on the left, that is in the master bathroom.

AFTER with new windows: 
Disclaimer: We are NOT doing yellow.  The painted yellow wood siding was original & behind the vinyl siding around the front door.  We had new wood plank siding installed on the other additions.  We are planning to PAINT the siding & the brick.

Inside view of where bay window WAS in living room.  Lily misses that bay window.  She loved sitting & playing in there.

BEFORE of the right side of the house:

 This originally was a garage, that was then turned into a den, now it is our playroom.

Inside view BEFORE with the huge "front" door:

Inside view of the new window...we still have painting to do.

Aquarium window on its way OUT!  This window had major termite damage. We also took out the octagon window.

Without the aquarium & octagon windows....

Inside view of the new window....we haven't touched this master bathroom yet.  Hoping to remodel it over the winter.

We added the cute little rectangular window on the left.  That is in our laundry room.

This still needs some work - HA!.  There was termite damage here.  We had it treated as soon as we purchased the house. This is the addition that was a sunroom & is now our dining room

Inside view of the NEW windows:

THE & doors that were ripped out....vinyl siding, etc...

In Progress:  This is the far left hand side of the house.  It was a double garage that the former owners then turned into a salon.  This will eventually be our master bedroom.  We took out a pair of french doors on the left & walled it up.

AFTER....walled up, new windows & siding. 

The windows we tore out....I am re-purposing them!


21 windows? That's a lot! How's the installation? I trust that it's coming along well. I'm glad you removed the aquarium window. The new window looks so much better since it makes your wall look cleaner and less cluttered. I also love your house's interiors. It looks comfy.

John Francis
With the circumstance then, there really was no better way but to leave the window installation to a contractor. It must’ve cost you relatively higher than when you DIY, but you managed to keep up with the timeline and hadn’t risked anything more valuable. Maricela@Homecraft®, Inc.
That is a LOT of windows. Good call on contracting it out. It’s a good way to save time, especially since we’re talking about windows here. You can always do the final touches yourself and make it more attuned to your tastes afterwards.

Jannet | Walker Contracting Inc