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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

pink cake

Our Ella turned THREE on Sunday.  How can this be?  
A few weeks ago, I tried to get some information out of Ella regarding birthday festivities.  I was asking her what we should EAT for her birthday (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or what we should DO for her birthday.  The answer to every question was PINK CAKE.  
So we went with that......

THE birthday girl!

 Party set up for Sunday morning breakfast.

Already wearing sprinkles on her face.

 The girls LOVE donuts. LOVE them.  
They are a special treat at our house.
Jake says - "Go nuts for donuts!"

 I took Lily to the dollar store on Saturday to buy a gift from her for Ella.  Lily picked a notebook, crayons & stickers, but man did that take A WHILE to select.

A bug collector (i.e. bug vacuum).  These girls love to collect roly poly's.

We headed to the beach after naps. Ella LOVES the beach!
She is wearing her new swimsuit (not a hand-me-down!).

After sand removal & showers (although I did see some sand in Ella's ear this morning...eww...oops!) 
we had the PINK CAKE.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ella Taylor!
We love you.

Ella did get new training wheels for her old (hand-me-down) bike.  
Now I have to run to keep up with these two.  
They're great running buddies.