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Monday, April 25, 2016

off to Charleston

Friday, we picked up Lily from Wheel Day & headed to Charleston for a quick trip to meet up with family. On Thursday, my parents flew into Atlanta to meet their new grandson. Jon, Em & baby Blake were so sweet to share their time with my parents.  They all drove up to Charleston for some family time on Friday & Saturday.

We arrived in Charleston just before dinner on Friday.  We enjoyed a family dinner.  We all stayed at the same hotel, so that was great to have more time to catch up & hang out.  And you know what, 6 people in one hotel room wasn't so bad.  We had 2 queens and 2 pack & plays. Thankfully, everyone slept! 
On Saturday we explored downtown Charleston (the battery, rainbow row, the pier, the market, a few parks) and then we headed home around 3 pm.  It was less than 24 hours but so great to see family.
 Taking a break to feed the babies.

 The crew, minus the Levang's.

We made a pit stop at the candy store.  I told the girls they could pick one thing.  Lily picked a HUGE gummy snake.  I mean huge, probably 18-24 inches long.

Thankful for these crazy monkeys.