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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lily - k5 graduate!

Thursday night Lily graduated from K5. As I said previously, we snuck a beach trip in before graduation.  On the way to WB, she wrote each of us a note.

The graduation started off with a Noah's Ark program.  
Lily was a sheep & she even had a speaking part. She did a great job! 

Lily's wonderful teacher, Miss Schmig

It was so special that Aunt Anna & Aunt Bekah came for this.

 Friday morning, Bekah & Anna stayed home with the littles so Ella & I could go to Lily's classroom awards and kindergarten party.

Lily with her diploma, academic excellence (all A's, all year), and PE award.  She was VERY excited that she got some awards.  We are so proud of her!