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Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in Indiana

We DROVE to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Anna and Aunt Bekah.  The drive out went pretty smoothly and quickly, despite 2 kids getting car sick in the mountains of West Virginia.

We love spending time with Anna & Bekah.  Here are some photo highlights:

Breakfast with Aunt Anna's crew at Carmel PD.

Lots of snuggle time.

We met some sweet friends, The Wetterlund's, for lunch on Saturday.

We visited a friend's farm. Currently, Ella wants to be a horse rider so this was great!

Decorating Aunt Anna's home for Christmas, while watching White Christmas.

Pulling his weight.

We had such a fun time in Indiana.  Thanks for having our crew, Anna.
The drive home was LONG, but we made it home safely Sunday night.  We're planning to stay home for a while. No future road trips planned, yet.