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Thursday, July 19, 2018

PANTRY refresh

We've been in this home now over 5 years so we are starting to repaint or redo some areas.  This past weekend we refreshed the pantry.  The real BEFORE pictures are HERE. This photo is from after Jake had removed all the shelving and caulked as needed.

As you can read, from that before & after post, we used a lot of existing materials (paint, flooring, shelving) to make it work. The house had SO many projects, really every square inch that needed touched, so we carefully picked what we spent money on to stay on budget.

Probably 2+ years ago, I ripped apart an old cookbook and modge-podged the pages to the pantry ceiling.  LOVE this detail.  Jake trimmed it out in ripped down pallet wood.


Wood shelving. More shelving. Better use of the space.
The only thing left to do is frame (with pallet wood of course!) that cute tea towel on the wall.

Another detail I LOVE, and it works great for our family, is the book bag hooks with a nail above it for each child's clipboard.  When school is in session, their homework is on the clipboard.  I just say, "Go grab your clipboard and write out your spelling words." I also say, "Go unload your book bag and lunch bag and hang it up." It's been great for us.

And it's always helpful to have snacks where the kids can reach them.  Also some of the breakfast/lunch making ingredients are on the lower shelves.

Paint Color - Valspar Malted Milk 7003-9