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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wren is FOUR

I really can't believe it, but today WREN turned four
We enjoyed a pancake breakfast, her choice, and then opened gifts.

 Opening her gift from Benny, which he picked out all by himself. 

Playing sharks & mermaids (birthday gifts from Levang's)

We went and jumped at Flip N Fly mid-morning.

Lots of playing was done today. She kept saying, "I love my new Cinderella watch, and I love my horse...." She kept listing all her gifts and saying thank you. It was really cute.
Wren requested eggs & bacon for her birthday dinner. It was enjoyed by all - we LOVE breakfast for dinner. She also requested chocolate cake.
You are such a joy to our family. We love how much you have grown this last year. Not just in height, but also in talking/conversing, showing your personality, learning your letters, biking and swimming. 

Happy 4th Birthday, WREN!