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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Lily Anne, T E N

Somehow we have a TEN year old! I really can't believe how quickly these TEN years have gone. Lily loves art and reading. She is very creative. She loves to swim, skateboard and go for bike rides. She is a leader. She is not afraid to try new things. She has grown up and matured so much this past year.

We have told our girls that they can choose to get their ears pierced when they turn 10. Lily has been counting down the days, we went ahead and started the birthday festivities, on Monday, with ear piercing. 

We started off her actual birthday morning with opening presents.

Birthday breakfast: waffle iron french toast

Happy 10th Birthday, Lily Anne!

Unfortunately, we are having a lot of rain right now so were not able to do a few of Lily's favorite outdoor activities like the beach and pool. However we had a fun rainy day. Lily was able to talk with some of our family who called with birthday messages. We video chatted with Grandpa & Grandma Tuttle. We also FaceTimed our sweet friends in Africa - that was fun! Lily was sung to from NC, MN, WI, and Africa today!
We did enjoy a quick trip around our park before lunch to get out and get some exercise. After lunch we went to Claire's so Lily could spend some of her birthday money on earrings. We usually let the kids pick a movie to watch on their birthday. Lily picked Princess Bride and we watched it in the afternoon since it was a rainy day. We also played Dutch Blitz, a birthday gift from Auntie Bek, multiple times today and did some coloring.

Birthday dinner: at ISLANDS

Birthday dessert: 3 ingredient cookies (banana, oats, chocolate chips) with Lewis Farms banana ice cream in between - YUM!

Happy 10th Birthday, Lily Anne!